Midnight Dark Avengers DP Team

in darkavengers forum Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:28 am
by Ghost • 1 Post

Just an update for Dark Avenger members...I'm (Bern) in Teamspeak by the way.

I have been setting up successful evening DP's for the past couple nights and will periodically report on how things went. These DP take place after our leader CrowGen goes off to sleep. I do this to help members characters power level faster. If anyone is interested in joining you are all welcome. Currently we have been focusing on 50+ Character DP's. However once your able to go to a dungeon, and run on EST zone and want a DP with Bern, demonslayer5069 and wowthisbites just let me (Bern) know and I'll invite you.

Update: March 17th-18th Midnight DP

Location: lm1 Carnival Evil Room (Room right before going to Tara Room)

Time: Anywhere between 10pm EST to 2am EST (If you go by CrowGen's GB time you probably will be sleeping)

Mission Report: After setting up a successful DP Party - Demonslayer and wowthisbites took over party for a moment and really got things off to a good start. I had a +5 Pro Tamer tame me a new Orc then I joined. Simply put this was a SUUUUPER long DP!!! I'm very impressed with demonslayer and wowthisbites for keeping the party together while I was afk. They even had to deal with a bugged dungeon mob that would not die and nearly killed everyone. It wasn't enough to stop us and we got things going again just as I arrived with my Knight (BusinessChick). wowthisbites went up 3 levels, demonslayer5069 went up 1 level but unfortunately lost it due to one of the healers mistakes. Demonslayer decided to take a break while wowthisbites and I continued to "represent" our guild.

1. Was able to reconnect with a friend who I have not seen online and she might join our guild a lvl 73 Bishop.
2. Made good on networking with a level 127 +5 Pro Tamer who said he would not mind taming pets for me and D.A. members
3. Killed Carnival Evil 4+ times! with about 45-47k exp each time.

I will Keep you all posted on the next Midnight D.A. DP we have.

Ghost aka Bern

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RE: Midnight Dark Avengers DP Team

in darkavengers forum Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:42 pm
by Loaders • 2 Posts

Hey bern as you know you have seen me on more recently, i would like to get in on this, just let me know what i need to do and i will be on it, i am usually on with crow during the day and we are currently trying to start seiges. im not sure what lvl you would like to do dps for during this time. maybe we can get with crow and see if one of us could somehow inv people to the guild who are usually on during these nighttime hours and orgaize something a little bigger.Also talked with crow he had a suggestion about possibly putting together a team during our ours who might me able to try and do a TA ourselves that would be great haveing the DA operate around the clock fully strong. i hope to keep in touch in game and in here to get things moving and organized thanks again. (Loaders)

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