areas and lvls to fight at

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by crowgen • 8 Posts

hi welcome to the area lvl faq
at first when u start the game all u do is to do all the missions in the noob island this is straight forward and learnes u the basics in the game if you goto the north of the new island then and kil there till lvl 10 after u have done the basic missions before heading to main land goto the ship and hunt there till u get to lvl 18/20 then head to the main land

from lvl 20 upto 50 u can party with other players at the arid moonlight the dungen can be found head west of horrizon past the salt mines folow the road and head to a place called public cemitry just before grave yeard ull see a bridge called the gray bridge then u can head north for arid 1 and south for arid 2

now from 50/70 u can now head to the lost mine u can get there by heading north of horrizon then take a right keep going and past the banboo woods then after that u can click the mini map to see a bigger map ull notice there like a maze of canyons in thevery middle of that maze that is lost ine 2 and to the very left or west side is lm1 be carefull as mobs there can kill u fast if u fall of mount bets at low lvls to get of the mount and take a wind possion this will heal u run faster also take a meat just incace u do get hit hard

from 70/100 you can goto pp1 this is palmore plauge when u get to this sort of lvl best to make rondo you return point as pp1 is located north of rondow and past the woods area is called the coast

from 100/130 goto santuary this is located in marduka west mobs there are very hard so be carfull not to go afk in this area lol
from your 130 + its off to the portal far west of rondow north

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RE: areas and lvls to fight at

in darkavengers forum Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:43 pm
by vroomee

at lvl 20 u can also solo at the salt mines go northwest of horizen its the wight spot on the map but really bad agro so be carfull i would only stay till lvl 25- 30 affter that m1 would be better

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RE: areas and lvls to fight at

in darkavengers forum Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:28 am
by vroomee

allright wene u hit lvl 30+ go to m1 and let me know ill bring my kahuna to dp with u we only do giuld dps though so wele bring in all the 30+ ppl and my yeti will tank for us lvl reall quick

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RE: areas and lvls to fight at

in darkavengers forum Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:00 pm
by demon

if u are about 50 to 60+ u coould try farming the canion mobs near lm2 good drops and desent exp but be warned the boss bites hard

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