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by crowgen • 8 Posts

first of all u will need a pet card u can buy 3 difrent pet from the merchant shop on the main land and then tame the pet when u have a pet then u have to goto menu
then creature formations and drag the card into the slot
now that u have this done u can goto you skills seation and drag summon skill and recall skill into your quick bar
now your pet will need a weapon and armour if ur pet s under 20 you would use a wep and armour at that lvl over 20 i sthe same
when u have your wep and armour you will need a thing called a unit card one for eatch 1 for the weapon and 1 for the armour you can buy unit cards rom the merchants also
you will have to combine the unit card to the wep and armour you do this buy going to inventory then combine button aft you have done that go back to the creature formations part and drag the wep and armour to the 2 slots provided on your pet
when lvling you pet its best to wait till its lvl 60 before you evolve it if u dont ur pet will be week a over bread pet afer its 50 and goes to 51 become a plus 1 on the pet this will give you 2 jp instead of 1 jp per lvl all the way up to 60 so you see a over bread pet to 60 will be far better than a 50 +0 gimp pet
good tanks this is pets that can take alot of damage DD means damage dealers yetis make good tanks orcs make good DD

anyway i hope this has explaint about the pets in rappelz

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RE: pets FAQ

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by No name specified • ( Guest )

in my opinion u should get awakening att and deffence ferst with pet then a couple other skills wen the pet hits lvl 35 stop spending thar jp and save for the unitys coming up so u have the basicks coverd just my opinion

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